Is the wastelander a real feature film? The wastelander is an independant short movie set in a post apocalyptic world. When complete it will be released on Vimeo and Youtube- free for all to watch. We will also be sellng a deluxe dvd & blu ray of the film with tons of bonus material.


Why arent you selling models for direct download?


This is something we hope to do if we get enough interest in the models. As a small company, piracy is a real threat, so at the moment we are only geared towards selling boxed disc versions.
Will there be more bundles in the future? Yes! we are already working on two new bundles: "creatures"  and "spacewrecks"
What topics will future tutorials cover? We aim to cover: motion tracking, working with greenscreen, compositing, building models and rigging creatures as well as a complete series of courses covering creating 3d matte paintings from the ground up.
Why are you selling your models? We want to encourage people to make their own movies, animations and artwork without the hassle of having to create every single building, vehicle and piece of rubble from scratch. The world of the wastelander is one we wish to share. The sales of the models will help us fund the completion of the film as well as help develop new projects.
Whats next after The Wastelander? We are currently in pre-production on a pilot for a TV series inspired by the works of H.P.Lovecraft.
What is your refund policy? If orders are cancelled before disc has been dispatched we charge a small transaction fee to cover our paypal costs. If your disc is faulty we will provide a replacement. We cannot offer a refund once the disc is dispatched.
Can I use the models in commercial work? No. We provide models for hobbyists and enthusiasts for use in non commercial projects. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a commercial licence
How quickly will I receive my models? Allow up to 30 days for delivery outside the UK.
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