A lonely wanderer looking for answers to his purpose in life. He seeks the temple oracle, a mythical place where all needs are fulfilled, all questions answered. This all consuming quest has seen him traverse the vastness of the lost city as he circles the truth....

New life has evolved in the lost city and old technology hangs on, blindly following long obsolete programming.

Societal control of the old world was absolute. At the forefront of that were the eye bots- floating security cameras that still capture everything that happens in the city... but is anyone watching? The Caelum Violenta virus spared no creature during the Total War. The virus mutated and warped all who came into contact with it. Here the Panda bear found new life as a floating herbivore... benignly drifting where the wind takes it.

The strong arm of corporate law. The shopping centre security bots were notoriously intransigent and brutal... a quality that has not left them in the new world order. Another victim of Caelum Violenta virus, the hardy common rat managed to keep much of its original form but evolved to utilise the floating helium compounds within its body. Herds of the floating beasts are often found infesting dark ruins.

One of the more viscious mutations of the post war world - the creature, once arachnid in origin, has evolved to use natural camouflage to its advantage. A voracious hunter this carnivore poses a grave threat in the lost city.

No one knows what these creatures evolved from... human or animal... They drift across the wasteland drawing nutrients from the plants they brush against...polinating as they do so. With no natural predators these creatures are now the most prolific on the planet.

Once the pinnacle of mans achievement in archecture, technology and social order the city is now a haven of conflict and savagery. most human tribes live outside this vast graveyard ... only venturing in when the utmost need arises, few who do so return to tell the tale.