The Wastelander is a post apocalyptic short film set in a lush overgrown city many years after the end of civilisation. Its something of a passion project for animator/director Jonathan Bentley and writer/actor Paul Kavanagh along with modellers John Stainton and Mick Spencer. We have spent the last 3 years building a world from the ground up... a world we now want to share with you!

Check out our behind the scenes photos from the shoot HERE and be sure to explore the links above to see more of the world we have built.

We are planning a complete series of Tutorials and "quick shots" to share the knowledge we have accrued over the years to help others build their own CG worlds and Cityscapes.

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We are proud to launch a brand new range of 3D models to purchase through our online store. We have also added a couple of free things to our downloads page - from time to time we will be adding new free stuff for you so do check back often. The money we raise from the model sales will help us to complete "The Wastelander" as well as fund new projects...

We want to encourage people to make their own short movies using our model bundles. As part of that will be exposing some behind the scenes tricks such as how to combine real footage and CG elements as well as some tips on how to transform your grandest ideas into reality.

Support the wastelander! We are working round the clock to finish the film. Donations not only support the completion of this project but help us develop "The Secret War" our next major project: a 12 part tv series based on the works of H P Lovecraft.
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